0x07 days until ApacheCon: Download the program guide!

Yes, ApacheCon has improved itself this year, and is now offering the compete program guide to ApacheCon EU 2009 as a downloadable PDF file. Get your copy now – they’re free! – and see what you’ll be missing if you can’t visit us in Amsterdam.

Remember that if you can’t make it, you’ll still be able to watch some of our content, which is being offered as a live (or recorded) video stream of ApacheCon by Linux Pro Magazine.

Astute readers will realize that I’ve finally admitted I missed a few days of updates earlier on. This was because your host – Shane – has both been working overtime at $dayjob, as well as arranging a small family birthday this past week.

That is a prime example of why some people believe in Community Over Code. One-person projects will falter when the person either moves on, gets too busy, or simply has finished the features that they needed from the projects. Projects with a handful of developers from a single company will always fall by the wayside if their company moves in a different direction, or has a major crunch period of internal work. The best way to ensure the longevity and greater success of a project is to build a community of equals around it.

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