Signup for FREE events at ApacheCon next week!

ApacheCon NA offers a whole host of options next week in Atlanta, GA. There are a wide variety of trainings being taught by some of the key committers on Apache projects (look for the combination discount code!) on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday thru Friday we have 5 tracks of great sessions, covering everything from business case studies to detailed technical talks.

We also offer some free events – these are open to the public, even if you can’t attend ApacheCon sessions or trainings. We do ask that you sign up in advance if possible, so organizers know how large a crowd to expect.

  • BarCamp Apache is free and runs during the day on Monday and Tuesday. Sign up, show up, and lead your own session with other BarCamp attendees!
  • Apache Meetups are hosted Monday through Thursday nights, starting at 8pm. We have meetups covering Apache projects like Hadoop, Lucene & Solr, Cassandra, Tomcat, Subversion, Deltacloud, Felix & OSGi, and of course the HTTP server. Meetups are free to attend by all.

If you are interested in any of the paid sessions or free events at ApacheCon, then you can show your interest by signing up on these popular social networks:

Follow @ApacheCon to learn more!

ApacheCon discounts and free MeetUps

The hotel room rate discount has been extended through 19-October – this Monday – so there’s still time to get the group room rate. Some other useful posts and bits about ApacheCon have been posted this week.

  • Our CrowdVine calendar is up! You can connect with other attendees and create your own “my schedule” there to get a private ics feed of events you want to attend.
  • CrowdVine also provides a great aggregation of attendee’s blogs, tweets, and photos too.
  • OStatic by GigaOM is running a guest editor series on ASF people, including Jim (Chairman), Justin (President), and Shane (Director) so far, with more planned.
  • There are plenty of evening Meetups planned on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – free to attend by all.
  • If you haven’t registered yet, there are still a few Apachecon discount codes available for another day or so – if you do a little digging or tweeting, I’m sure you’ll be able to score one!

0x11 days until ApacheCon: Dear Speakers

James Duncan Davidson – a longtime ASF member and past speaker, now photographer – has some excellent tips in his post “Dear Speakers“. There’s also a lot of great commentary there about improving public speaking, especially in a geeky or tech-y crowd.

Be sure to read the comments, there’s some great discussion going on there. And note these are great tips both for regular session speakers, as well as for any public speaking. And there are plenty of opportunities for you to speak at ApacheCon in our other special events.

(This is one of a series of catch-up posts; it’s really less than 2 weeks until ApacheCon!)

0x12 days until ApacheCon: Meet the MeetUps

Along with the usual array of Special Events at ApacheCon, we’ve had tremendous interest so far in the MeetUps scheduled on Monday and Tuesday evenings between 18:00 and 23:00

MeetUps are free for attendees, and are focused on individual project communities. In fact, the community is the primary driver to having a MeetUp – they’re doing the organizing, and the conference is happy to be able to provide space in our hotel this year. The only registration for the MeetUps is to sign up on the wiki page. If you have something to present, great; put it on the wiki, if not, just come with your questions about the project. Laptops are expected.

The ApacheMeetupsEu09 wiki page really has all the key details. If you go, tell them that Shane sent you.

  • Wicket Meetup (day TBD depending on signups), has their own flickr tags.
  • Jackrabbit Meetup (day TBD depending on signups), or anything about JCR; had a great meetup in 2008 too.
  • Portals Meetup (day TBD depending on signups), including Portals Pluto, Jetspeed, Bridges and WSRP4J and other related projects.
  • Lucene Meetup, will be Tuesday evening; ask about Lucene, Mahout, Solr, Droids, more.
  • Maven Meetup (will be held if there are enough signups).

Many, many thanks to Arjé Cahn for his patience with everyone! His tireless drive to ensure the MeetUps got organized and could share our space this year, a win for everyone, both MeetUp’ers and ApacheCon attendees as well – plus thanks to all the MeetUp organizers and project committers who are planning on presenting or being there to answer questions. We hope to get a number of Amsterdam area locals coming just for the MeetUps who will get to see a little bit of what ApacheCon is about.