0x14 days until ApacheCon: It’s cheaper this year!

Did you know that for most travellers, ApacheCon Europe 2009 will be cheaper than the 2008 conference? VAT taxes will not be charged this year, so travellers will find corresponding fees less than last year.

If you’re interested in staying at the Mövenpick Hotel (which is very nice!), they’ve extended their room block discount through 13-March. So you can still register for a discounted hotel room, and if you’re staying at least 2 nights in the Mövenpick, you can register for the Special Discount Package 3 Day Conference Pass, which saves you another 150 Euro off the full conference admission price.

Past conference attendees and members of a variety of other local user and open source groups may be eligible for discount codes as well – check your past emails from the ApacheCon Planning team or from info /dot\ stonecircle /at\ gmail /dot\ com for any discount codes (which you enter later in the registration process) you may be eligible for. All ASF Committers, as usual, register with a special discount code as well.

(Yes, I know I’m a little late with this posting – that’s the trouble when you fall asleep before you remember to post!)

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