ApacheCon registration discount ends Friday!

There’s still time to save over $200 for registering early for ApacheCon – just sign up before the end of Friday, 25-September!

Check out our technology-focused schedules each day, created and organized by our PMCs and communities directly.

Day Business, Community, and OFBiz (new!) Running Servers: httpd and Tomcat Providing Content on the Web Search Everything Beyond Web Services
Wednesday Business – what ASF projects mean for your business Tomcat – learn about Tomcat 7 from it’s developers Content Technology – Tapestry, Velocity, Wicket, Roller, Shindig Hadoop – use in the cloud, and subprojects Hive, Pig, HBase Tuscany & Synapse – they pull together your service stack
Thursday Community – strong communities make great projects HTTPD.conf – for admins and users of httpd Content Technology – Jackrabbit, Sling, CouchDB, POI Lucene – actually using all those search results with Solr, Nutch Web Services – Axis2 and WS in the real world
Friday OFBiz (new schedule being published!) HTTPD – for module users anddevelopers Geronimo & Directory – enterprise and open source LDAP and J2EE products Lucene – building intelligent and realtime search apps Felix (OSGi) – not your grandfather’s service platform

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