0x17 days until ApacheCon: signup on CrowdVine

As with almost any conference, the chance to network with the people actually working on key technologies is a key part of the experience. ApacheCon has teamed up once again with CrowdVine to offer our own private social networking system.

All attendees – heck, even if you’re not attending, but know some of our projects or committers – are welcome to create a profile on the ApacheCon EU 2009 CrowdVine site. Just Create an Account or Login there.

Note that if you have an existing profile on a CrowdVine site and use the same email address to login, it will pull in your existing bio, url, and personal profile.

On the CrowdVine site for ApacheCon, you can sign up for a personalized schedule of the conference, picking which sessions you’d like to attend, and get your own personal iCal. The great thing about clicking the green plus for sessions there is that you’ll be able to see who else at the conference is planning to attend each particular talk.

CrowdVine also offers several different ways to network and communicate, including making friend/fan/want to meet connections with other attendees as well as having an overall and per-session discussion boards for asking speakers questions or giving feedback. It also provides a nice way to see what other projects or communities other people are interested in.