18 Days; 18 Posts; ApacheCon Europe 2009

That’s right: I’ll be posting once a day in the 18 days leading up to ApacheCon Europe 2009, this March 23rd thru 27th in Amsterdam.

Erm, what? ApacheCon isn’t that soon you say? Hmm. Ah – I see. My title field clearly must have dropped the leading 0x hexadecimal specifier, as in 0x18 days until ApacheCon, or for those decimally minded, 24 days until ApacheCon.

What happens when during ApacheCon?
ApacheCon is traditionally held over a work week. Monday and Tuesday include training classes – with in-depth learning typically from the people who wrote the software.
For those who already know the basics, you can instead join us for the Hackathon (open to the public) and BarCamp Apache (free!). The conference proper happens on the Wednesday thru Friday of the week, with keynote presentations, three+ tracks of sessions, and receptions and special events each day.

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