0x03 days until ApacheCon: your packing list

I’ll spare you all the obvious packing tips, and just point out a few things you many not have thought about to pack when visiting Amsterdam.

Voltage adapter
Note that if you have modern electronics like me – a newish Mac or Thinkpad, iPhone, etc. and many recent cameras – you don’t actually need a voltage converter. Double-check your power adapters to see if they can take 220volts. You will need the two-round-pin adapter for the continent, however.
Your laptop
Highly recommended. The majority of attendees will have a laptop of some sort, and most of them will be typing on them throughout the conference.
Shampoo and soap
The Moevenpick doesn’t provide them. That was a minor surprise for me, used to travelling in the US where every hotel has little complimentary toiletries.
Comfortable walking shoes
You’ll do a lot of walking if you go out into the city (which you should!) Plus layers and a windbreaker to stay warm; Amsterdam weather will be cool, windy, and rainy to start the week. Or, join folks to go running or biking.
Bringing enough to buy your train ticket from the airport to Centraal will save you in fees. Plan on using an ATM (note: there are some fees, but often it’s less than moneychangers) at Centraal or around the city.

If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, you absolutely need to read our Amsterdam Tips on the wiki, which include instructions for taking the train and tram from the airport.

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3 thoughts on “0x03 days until ApacheCon: your packing list”

  1. Also, re:

    > Turn on the TV and try going into the bathroom. There’s no volume control in there, though.

    from your wikipost … there *is* a volume control, located under the sink, on the wall next to the extra towels.


  2. Of course the Mövenpick provides toiletries!

    They have lovely little blue bottles of Bogner products (somewhat strong “fresh/sport”-scented). In addition to the tubes of shower gel, I remember a shower gel dispenser in the bath, as mine was dripping and housekeeping wouldn’t replace it, in spite of numerous requests. I recall there being soap, shower gel, and body lotion. No hair conditioner. Maybe there wasn’t shampoo …?

    Funny thing, one day I came in to a meeting late, having spent a bit of time trying to wash some ink off my hands: turns out I smelled exactly the same as Lars, who apparently used that Bogner soap that morning as well 😉

    1. Ah – maybe that’s why I remembered to pack extra – overly scented; I’m picky. And personally, I prefer bar soap over squirt-out body wash. But thanks for the reminder!

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