+1 Friend ApacheCon NA 2011!

ApacheCon is coming up soon – 7-11 November this year in lovely Vancouver, BC. Be sure to make your travel plans soon, especially for any US travelers who need to remember that we’re in Canada this year!

Is ApacheCon on your friends list? Let others know you’re attending by friending or signing up on your favorite social network:

Even better, you can now +1 ApacheCon postings on Google Plus. Talk about the “+1” phrase coming full circle back to the group that popularized it years ago!

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Briefly, Shane is: a father and husband, a friend, a geek, a Member and director of the ASF, a baker, an ex-Loti, a BMW driver, a punny guy, a gamer, and lifelong resident within the 495 belt. Oh, and we have cats.

2 thoughts on “+1 Friend ApacheCon NA 2011!”

    1. Sorry, I’m not the person to talk about re: git or infrastructure (unless you’re looking for humor or jokes).

      The issue with git is *not* strictly technical; there are organizational and social issues to using git in Apache top level projects that also need to be addressed. Note that you should definitely check out git.apache.org as well to see if that (read-only, however) helps your process at all.

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