ApacheCon presentation: Managing Apache Project Brands

At ApacheCon NA 2013 here in Portland, OR I will be talking to a packed house about how Apache projects manage branding and trademarks, to wild applause. OK, perhaps my crowd is not likely to give applause, but I’m certain it will be appreciated.

As a preview, here is the v2.0 slides of my presentation. While originally this was going to be similar to last summer’s OSCON presentation on Managing Open Source Brands, I’ve realized that the trademarks@ group at the ASF really has a very customized approach. So the slides have a very different feel, and help to show the real difference between how projects have maximum freedom – for their own technical / branding direction – but also have maximum support – because the ASF’s corporate organization stands behind their license, their trademarks, and our servers.

Managing Apache Project Brands slides (ODP

Please do let me know if you have comments on the presentation or my talk!

Slides are also posted on SlideShare.

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