OSCON presentation: Managing Community Open Source Brands

I recently presented a session in the Business track this year at OSCON 2012 about Managing Community Open Source Brands. My slides are posted here.

Looking back on the slides now, I’m finding that my original CFP submission did a far better job than I hoped at the time at covering the key points I’ll have time to cover. The hardest thing about writing this talk has been scaling it down to fit – there are far more issues about efficient project governance, basic trademark law concepts, and potential enforcement strategies than could possibly fit in a single session.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll improve on this next year so I have an excuse to come to OSCON 2013…

Thanks to all who attended – the talk went very nicely, and I’m looking forward to some feedback. Brand management for community-led projects is a conversation that we’re just really starting – one that is an obvious follow-on to the licensing models and community strategies that folks at places like OSCON have been perfecting in the past decade.

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