0×15 days until ApacheCon: Are you listening?

We’ve all got iTunes (OK, maybe not everyone), but have you subscribed to FeatherCast yet?

FeatherCast is a semi-regular podcast run by a pair of ASF Members, Rich Bowen and David Reid. They interview committers, members, and speakers involved with ApacheCon and various Apache projects. Listening to the podcasts is sometimes a really nice way to get a different perspective on some of our projects and upcoming speakers than just reading everyone’s blog.

If you’re thinking of attending any of the trainings at ApacheCon Europe 2009, then be sure to catch several of their FeatherCasts with some of the trainers going into the details of their trainings.

Stay tuned for posts about our live video streaming, and some other 10th anniversary tidbits of the ASF.

0×16 days until ApacheCon: What sessions are when?

Can only make ApacheCon for one day? Coming all week but want to plan out what you’ll be doing? Can’t make it at all, but want to see the live video streaming we’ll have available?

We’ve done an even better job than before in focusing our tracks each day, so you can pick and choose, and know you’ll be getting a strong selection of talks on specific topics.


Morning Keynote: Data Management In The Cloud

OSGi and Geronimo
If we did any more on OSGi – all the way from quickstart, to real-life tales, to Geronimo management – we’d have to call ourselves Eclipse.
Data Mining and Search Technologies
Come hear about one of our most wildly popular projects – Lucene – and it’s many related search and data processing subprojects.
Business and Community
You don’t need to wear a suit – in fact, most people won’t. It’s an excellent resource for how our technology – and communities – fit into the larger ecosystems we live in.
Geeks for Geeks (Focus: Hadoop) (Live video stream)
You know you want to be here. Grid your Hadoop on the cloud in the cluster with a Pig in this highly technical track. (Yes, a Pig!)

Wednesday evening features the delicious opening reception with a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ASF, as well as BOFs afterwards.


Afternoon keynote: Open sourcing the analyst business – turning proprietary knowledge inside out

Tomcat for Developers and Administrators (Live video stream)
This grandkitty of Servlet containers and JSP’s is as popular as ever – learn the details here.
Service-Oriented Architecture
Use your Synapses to figure out the right ServiceMix for your enterprise.
Business and Community
This day of biz/community talks is for everyone, and shows how to get community done right.
Geeks for Geeks
Thursday’s afternoon of G4G gets into some cutting edge tools. (Note: pony not included.)

Thursday features our ever-popular Lightning Talks, my personal favorite event of anything ApacheCon.


HTTP Server Administration (Live video stream)
Just what it says: hardcore httpd learning from people who helped write it; security & advanced topics.
Builds and Clouds
As the ASF and it’s projects grow, so do it’s build management tools.
Java Development
Get your java weenie hat here. Yes, that’s a good thing. Along with all the overviews, I want to see the Shindig.
Geeks for Geeks
Can you handle a third day of G4G?

Stay for the end of Friday, where we have a Closing Plenary and Raffle – with a number of prizes you definitely will want to win.

Have a better description of one of our tracks? Let us know here!

0x17 days until ApacheCon: signup on CrowdVine

As with almost any conference, the chance to network with the people actually working on key technologies is a key part of the experience. ApacheCon has teamed up once again with CrowdVine to offer our own private social networking system.

All attendees – heck, even if you’re not attending, but know some of our projects or committers – are welcome to create a profile on the ApacheCon EU 2009 CrowdVine site. Just Create an Account or Login there.

Note that if you have an existing profile on a CrowdVine site and use the same email address to login, it will pull in your existing bio, url, and personal profile.

On the CrowdVine site for ApacheCon, you can sign up for a personalized schedule of the conference, picking which sessions you’d like to attend, and get your own personal iCal. The great thing about clicking the green plus for sessions there is that you’ll be able to see who else at the conference is planning to attend each particular talk.

CrowdVine also offers several different ways to network and communicate, including making friend/fan/want to meet connections with other attendees as well as having an overall and per-session discussion boards for asking speakers questions or giving feedback. It also provides a nice way to see what other projects or communities other people are interested in.

18 Days; 18 Posts; ApacheCon Europe 2009

That’s right: I’ll be posting once a day in the 18 days leading up to ApacheCon Europe 2009, this March 23rd thru 27th in Amsterdam.

Erm, what? ApacheCon isn’t that soon you say? Hmm. Ah – I see. My title field clearly must have dropped the leading 0x hexadecimal specifier, as in 0x18 days until ApacheCon, or for those decimally minded, 24 days until ApacheCon.

What happens when during ApacheCon?
ApacheCon is traditionally held over a work week. Monday and Tuesday include training classes – with in-depth learning typically from the people who wrote the software.
For those who already know the basics, you can instead join us for the Hackathon (open to the public) and BarCamp Apache (free!). The conference proper happens on the Wednesday thru Friday of the week, with keynote presentations, three+ tracks of sessions, and receptions and special events each day.